Saturday, May 20, 2017

Korean Dramas + Biases

My newest blog article will be about my Korean actor crushes or some might say “biases.”
In my definition of bias/biases: it means liking some actors or idols more than others.
A very intense version of fangirling, but only pertaining to specific korean actors or idols in my case. 
As I don’t have very many friends who like Korean dramas; this is sort of like my outlet.
I have been watching Korean dramas for about the last 5 years; literally so addicted to the point of being an addict holic. 
Mostly drawn to the saeguk genre, but will watch others if they peak my interest.
Saeguk is historical or time period based dramas although it might not be completely accurate; there is some pretty interesting history to learn about.

My 2 all-time favorite actors:
Lee Min-ho 
Lee Joon-hyuk 
The reason these 2 are my all-time favorite is character portrayal is always on point and their acting is so amazing.
I'd love to see another drama with both of them again, but that's just my wishful thinking.

My current favorite actors:
Park Hae-jin
Jung Yonghwa 
Lee Jonghyun 
Hong Jonghyun
Lee Joon-gi 
Lee Jong-suk 
Park Hyungsik 
Im Siwan 
Byun Baekhyun
Nam Joo-hyuk 
Kim Ji Soo
Do Ji-han
Lee Seo-won

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